The NZXT H510 – Innovation or Iteration?

A computer case is more than just a mere storage box as most people believe. It is the cherry on the cake for any high-performance computing, especially for gamers. If you love building computers, picking a computer case is kind of a big deal since it reflects on the sort of person you are, your style, and what you are capable of.

Components such as the power supply, motherboard, and hard drive are vulnerable to damage when exposed to dust and spills and therefore, computer cases are efficient in protecting the computer’s components from harm. Since the market offers a wide variety of computer cases, picking out the best option may be wearisome.

In this article, I will be breaking down all you need to know about the NZXT H510 computer case, which is one of the best computer cases around, thanks to its numerous useful features. It’s also a great budget case. It offers high end and modern features found in more pricey towers that won’t break the bank.


The Quick and Easy

Below is a simple list of the specifications on the tower itself:

Dimensions (WxHxD) 8.26 x 18.11 x 16.85 (Inches)
Motherboard Type Mini-ITX/Micro ATX/ATX
5.25” Drive Bays None
3.5” Drive Bays 2+1
2.5” Drive Bays 2+1 (Converted from 3.5” Bays)
I/O Panel USB 3.1(Gen2) x1/ USB 3.1(Gen 1) x1/ Mic x1/ Audio X1
Maximum Number of Fans 4 Maximum, 2 pre-installed
Fan locations Front:




2 x 120mm or 140mm (1x 120mm pre-installed)

1 x 120mm or 140mm

1 x 120mm (1 pre-installed)

Radiator locations Front:



2x 140mm or 120mm with pull


1x 120mm

Cable Management Yes
Expansion Slots 7
Weight 17.6 lbs
Max CPU Cooler Height 165mm
Side Panel Tempered Glass
PSU Support Standard ATX PS2
Detachable Dust Filters Yes

If this is enough to grab your attention, and you know you want this case, you’ll be glad to know that Amazon has the NZXT H510 in stock and at a great price!

If you’d like to know more about the tower’s features, read on!

NZXT H510 Innards

The Dimensions

This product measures (Width x Height x Depth) 8.26inches x 18.11inches x 16.85inches or 210mm x 460mm x 428mm, which allows an abundant amount of room to store all your desired components. It weighs 17.6 pounds or 6.6 kilograms, which is quite light for a computer case, making it easily portable. It has Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, and ATX motherboard support with the front panel, power button, and USB slots located on the top of the tower itself. This makes all the front ports easily accessible and you don’t have to plug anything in at an awkward angle.


The Look

The NZXT H510 features two tempered glass side panels that only require a single thumb screw to secure them in place, which is a nice change of pace to cheap cut out glass alternatives from some other brands. The H510 also offers a V2 Smart Device that can power RGB light strips and LED fans you install. Couple that with a sleek modern case design that’s both bright and sturdy, you can see why many see this as a step forward for both ease of use and simplistic design while still offering a sturdy build that won’t fall apart on you.

The H510 comes primarily with Black, White, or Black with Red matte paint finishes. NZXT cases rarely ship with flaws like chipped paint or dented cases, so rest assured that design errors are not something to worry about.

In general, this is a classic modern NZXT mid-tower case design that is lightweight. It’s easily moved, stored, and offers a small footprint for those that aren’t looking to make the case a main draw. However, the aesthetic design of the tower itself with the tempered glass and optional RGB lights easily allows for the tower to be proudly displayed without any worry of reflective light cones from inside the case itself.


Airflow and Cooling

A robust airflow design and cooling system is essential for both a great computer case and a computer build itself. NZXT H510 offers streamlined cooling with two front panel 120mm (140mm optional) fans for optimal airflow into the tower itself. A top mounted 120mm (140mm optional) fan and a rear mounted 120mm exhaust fan ensures that hot air can be pulled quickly out of the case itself.

The front panel and PSU intakes also include removable filters for easy cleaning, and the brackets of the front and rear panels can be removed entirely in order to allow the installation of radiators for custom water cooling options.

Pesky Cable Management

Cable management often takes more time compared to the actual assembly of the tower and components. NZXT has made a significant adjustment to the efficiency of cable routing and for the better! The enhanced and patented cable management consisting of a routing kit and straps makes hiding unwanted wires very simple and intuitive. The integrated cable channels are found on the back of the case and are held down by Velcro straps, keeping everything clutter-free and clean.

This easy management design saves time that could be spent on more enjoyable things, like admiring your finished build! The H510 also provides plenty of space for cables and is definitely an effective alternative that gives it an edge over some other mid-tower designs.


Software and Drive Bays

The NZXT H510 Computer case has a pre-installed CAM Software, which allows the user to monitor the temperature inside of the computer tower itself. It also enables changing the speeds of the fans quickly if desired. It’s highly recommended to keep the default setting, however, if you wish to run the fans at a lower or higher speed you can. Just be aware that lower fan speeds can cause higher heat build up, and a higher fan speed can shorten the lifespan of the fans themselves.

The computer case also has easy to use drive bays. It hosts up to three 2.5” SSDs and three 3.5” HHDs. Allowing enough space to store a large amount of data if you fill up all the trays. The SSD trays are placed on brackets on a mesh platform underneath PCIe slots without getting in the way.

NZXT H510 Build

Advantages of the NZXT H510

Like all computer towers, the H510 offers some clear advantages and improvements over other comparable towers of its type. These include:

  • Cooling – This PC case excels in optimum airflow with the two front panel fans, one top panel fan, and one exhaust fan, allowing large amounts of internal airflow. The front panel intakes include removable filters. The case further includes a detachable bracket design for radiators to simplify the installation of water cooling systems.
  • Cable Management – The case is designed with pre-installed channels and straps that ensure an easy wiring experience, making its design time-efficient. Once hidden, the cables are not easily seen, making it clutter-free and most of all, offering a clean appearance. The cables are also held down at the back with Velcro straps, making sure they won’t jar free easily or unexpectedly.
  • More Modern Design – It has been built from the ground up to be more advanced and iconic compared to its predecessors in the H series. The H510 line allows you to more easily integrate Bluetooth, smartphones, and high-speed external storage devices. The ultra-clean and uncomplicated mid-tower design emphasizes convenience above everything else.
  • Integrated RGB Lightning and CAM Software – NZXT’s new CAM software on the case allows for ease of control over interior RGB lights, RGB fans, and the speed of the fans themselves.
  • Radiator Support – On top of the four fans that can be installed on the case itself. It has easily removable brackets that allow you to install a radiator at both the front and the back of the tower. This aids in a more simplified water cooling set up.


Disadvantages of the NZXT H510

The H510 has many excellent qualities to it, but like all other towers, it has some shortcomings as well. Areas it can improve on include:

  • Fan Noise – Like many performance cases, the H510 suffers from fan noise. With four total fans, you’re guaranteed to hear the blades spinning when your components are put under load. With an option to expand to 140mm fans over the standard 120mm, this problem only gets worse. For some, this lack of silence may be off putting.
  • Front Panel Isn’t Removable – While not necessarily a direct drawback of the tower itself, there are a lot of PC enthusiasts in this day and age that expect to be able to remove the front panel of their computer case. With the H510, this isn’t possible and while it does offer a more uniform design to the appearance of the case, some would prefer the option to be able to fully remove it when they desire.
  • Limited Hard Drive Space – Another drawback of the minimalistic design of the case itself. While there are six total bays, only three of them support SSDs. For those looking to maximize their storage capabilities, this might leave them feeling hamstrung.
  • Overtightened Screws – A common problem with NZXT’s manufacturing persists with the H510 in the case of case screws. Occasionally, you will find them to be overtightened or stripped, causing issues if you ever need to remove or replace them. This can sometimes also cause warping, which may exacerbate the previously mentioned fan noise. Over all, this is a rare occurrence, but worth bringing to a potential buyer’s attention!



Now that we’ve analyzed the key features of NZXT’s new H510 computer case, we can clearly see many of its excellent and more modernized features. The H series had a goal to innovate and while I definitely think NZXT accomplished their mission in some aspects, I feel it falls short in a few regards. Still, there’s no such thing as a perfect case and I personally think a lot of the perceived issues of the 510 can be chalked up to personal preference.

NZXT has a long history of offering a good mixture of performance and quality while still remaining in a very affordable price range. If the H510 sounds like a case for you, you can find it for cheap on Amazon here!

if you have any further questions of comments feel free to leave them below and I will do my best to get back to you. And if you’d like to take a look at more of my case reviews, you can take a look here!

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