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For computer enthusiasts, a high-performance computer case is a plus. Contrary to popular belief, a computer case is not just a mere storage box. There is a lot more to it than that. A computer case is an efficient way of building your PC into your biggest desire. For gamers, your computer case speaks a lot about you as a person. Remember, it is the first part of the PC people see which means that it reflects on you as a person, your capabilities and your taste. There are several computer cases in the market due to their high demand.

Among the different options in the market, we have the MX330-G Air computer case, which trust me, is one of the best cases you will ever come across. It is loaded with several useful features that we will look at in the course of our review.

First I’ll list the quick specifications to get them out of the way and then after that, I’ll go into a little more detail on the features it offers.


The Quick and Easy

A simple list of the specifications for the MX330-G Air are as follows:

Dimensions (WxHxD) 21 x 10 x 21 (Inches)
Motherboard Type Mini-ITX/Micro ATX/ATX/E-ATX
5.25” Drive Bays 1
3.5” Drive Bays 2
2.5” Drive Bays 2+2 (Converted from 3.5” Bays)
I/O Panel USB 3.0×2/USB 2.0×2/Mic x1/ Audio X1
Maximum Number of Fans 5 Maximum 3 pre-installed
Fan locations





2 x 120mm (2 pre-installed)

2 x 120mm

1 x 120mm (1 pre-installed)

Radiator locations








Cable Management Yes
Expansion Slots 7
Max Graphics Card Length 350mm (13.8 inches)
Max CPU Cooler Height 155mm (6.1 Inches)
Side Panel Tempered Glass
PSU Support Standard ATX PS2
Detachable Dust Filters Yes

If this is enough to get your attention, you’ll be glad to know that Amazon has the Cougar MX330-G Air in stock and at a great price! If you’d like to know more about the case, read on!

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The MX330-G Air computer case boasts of a tempered glass window. The window is transparent to offer you easier visibility. You can, therefore, see all the components in your computer in action. For those who have incorporated any type of lighting in their PCs, the transparent glass offers you a blissful view. This case is also sleek in design, which is suitable for aesthetics. You, therefore, have a minimalist building case for your computer’s components.



This computer case boasts of massive scalability, a reason why it towers above other options. It has seven PCI slots that support a tune of up to 3500mm long graphic cards. For gamers, this is a plus since you can install the required level of horsepower to run 4K/60fps games or more.

This computer case can also host up to 2.5” SSDs and two 3.5” HDDs and can therefore, store all the games you need.



This product measures (Width x Height x Depth) 21 x 10 x 21 inches, which is large enough to store all the necessary components you’d ever want need in the case. It also offers you plenty of space inside for upgrading. It weighs a mere 12.35 pounds, which is light enough for very easy movement. At its size, it offers E-ATX motherboard support. You can even fit a dual socket server motherboard with two radiators measuring 240mm each! Needless to say, this case has plenty of space to offer you.



Generally, PCs overheat and therefore have to cool during usage. A good computer case should consequently have all the cooling features and the MX330-G Air case certainly doesn’t fall short in this category. It has water cooling radiator support and a functional air cooling support to bring down the temperatures of your PC.

This case offers you the ability to install up to five 120mm cooling fans and an extra 240mm water cooling radiator to counter overheating. Remember, too much heat might destroy some components of the computer, leaving you at a loss and while this case comes with three fans pre-installed, you might want to consider getting another two with your purchase!

The front of the case has space for two pre-installed LED fans. At the top, you can install two fans measuring 120mm and the exhaust fan comes pre-installed as well. The front end supports a water cooling system of 240mm, the top and back support up to 120mm.



This fantastic PC case has a minimalist design, which adds to its beauty, and therefore, if you are interested in aesthetic value, do not look any further. You get to hide all the cables from your build thanks to the PSU cover and the 3.5” drive bays. This also adds to the beautiful appearance since you get a chance to have an unobstructed view through the tempered glass of your computer’s components without any wires getting in the way.

This case has excellent SSD mounts in its design. You have the option of being able to choose whether to have your SSDs visible at the front or invisible in the back.

The dust fillers are also easily detachable and simple to clean. They’re found at the front, top and bottom mesh gratings of the case itself. The ease of use with the dust filters ensures you’ll always have clean and dust-free equipment. Combine its user-friendly perks with the smooth edges of the case’s design and this Cougar product will leave you in amazement!

MX330-G Air Bottom

Benefits of the Cougar MX330-G Air

Below I’d like to sum up some really great pros that the MX330 offers as a case and why I think it’s an easy buy for new comers and experienced builders alike.


  • Radiator support – The MX330-G Air has an exceptional radiator support system. It offers you a chance to incorporate other fans at the top, front and back. You can also put a 360 mm radiator at the top.
  • SSD and HDD mounting – The SSD and HDD mounts are great. Based on your specifications, you can either make them visible or not.
  • Airflow – This PC cover offers room for decent airflow. You can have two fans at the front to pull in lots of air and two at the top as well as one at the back to expel unwanted heat.
  • Graphic card support- This PC case can support long graphics cards. Up to 350mm in fact, which makes it an excellent option. This is good news for gamers!
  • It has an exceptional appearance complete with a visible tempered glass side panel that allows you to view all the hard work you put into the case. This glass is also allows for a highly attractive aesthetic if you chose to put in fans and components with LED lighting. Which I would highly recommend!
  • The minimalist design is everything a PC building enthusiast dreams of. You can easily hide the cables from view without much trouble and the case is also sleek. Meaning it doesn’t take up much space.
  • It is lightweight. This PC case is one of the lightest cases in the market and can easily be transported from place to place!
  • It has dust filters that are easily detached and cleanable. These filters offer you a chance to keep your computer clean and dust-free, which as everyone knows, is necessary for a properly working machine!

Shortcomings of the MX330-G AIR

While this fine Cougar product has plenty of upsides, there’s still some things it falls a little short of or has room to improve on. I’ll list those below.


  • Materials – The materials used in the making of this computer case leave a little to be desired when compared to others at its price range. It is made of thin steel which dents easily. The side panel itself is made of acrylic, and is prone to chipping off and cracking. If you take good care of the case, none of this should be an issue, but accidents can happen.


  • Painting – This product uses the same type of paint that many other computer case products on the market use. The color used here is the semi-gloss truck Bedliner paint, which has an awkward sheen. You can, however, repaint this case if you feel the need to.


  • Motherboard screws – This computer case does not come with motherboard screws meaning you will have to source yours elsewhere, which translates to extra spending. Typically though, these should come with any motherboard you purchase. You do, however, get the screw spacers in the design.


  • Basement capacity- The basement capacity of this case is not as gracious as some other competitors. It can become quite difficult to move the cables around once the PSU is in. It even becomes harder with modular power supplies.


  • Power supply management – The PSU holes come devoid of rubber grommets. For an ATX motherboard, this is quite challenging since the holes are also small and located in tight places.


  • Radiator holes – There is an unfortunate issue when it comes to the radiator holes and the front fans. It is quite a task putting the radiators and the fan in place at the front grating of the case. You may end up struggling and find you need to angle your screwdriver during the installation to achieve the perfect positioning.



We have had an extensive look at the Cougar MX330-Air G computer case, and I’m sure you can agree from what’s been reviewed, it definitely lives up the Cougar legacy of making solid budget computer cases. There are, of course, details that need to be improved upon but there is no such thing as a perfect case! If this sounds like the computer case you for, you can find it cheap on Amazon here!

This case can serve a wide range of users, from new comers, gamers, and experienced PC builders alike. Cougar has built a name for itself by dealing in some of the best computer products, and this computer case is no exception.

If you have any further questions of comments feel free to leave them below and I will do my best to get back to you. And if you’d like to take a look at more of my case reviews, you can take a look here!

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