Computer Cases With Dust Filters – The Future of PCs

Dust! You heard me. The word that strikes fear into the hearts of all system enthusiasts. The bane of computer parts. The terror of the computer industry. You get the idea. Dust is bad, and it’s aComputer Cases With Dust Filters fact of life. There’s no getting away from dust, but computer enthusiasts and component producing companies have been waging war with this menace since the invention of the computer itself.

Computer cases with dust filters are the main answer to the problem we all face, which is how to keep as much dust out of our computers as possible. After all, we love it when our computers work, but to keep them working they need maintenance, and who enjoys popping open their case to clean it constantly? Dust filters are a big help, and if you’re not using them, hopefully after reading this page you’ll have a better understanding as to why you should!


What Is A Dust Filter

Besides the obvious that it’s a filter, typically, a dust filter is a strip of mesh that is fixated over the fans in your case in order to, you guessed it, filter out as much dust as possible. A lot of cases these days come with dust filters and they are usually secured with plastic brackets and easily removed for cleaning. The mesh itself can be made of metal but most of the time it’s polyester.

Dust filters aim to block dust particles, and other harmful parties like hair from entering your system and sticking to all your vital computer parts. Dust will coat anything it can grab onto, and over time build up a layer of unwanted grime that we must eventually clean.


Why Are They Important

Let’s get it out of the way right now and say it. Dust filters aren’t perfect. Even if you purchase a case with filters or buy filters to put them on yourself, you’ll never stop all dust from entering your case. Unfortunately, we have no magical wand that we can wave and eliminate dust.Computer Dust

However, filters are crucially important to slowing down the rate at which dust slips into your system. Your fans will cycle a lot of air through your case every hour. Not having dust filters is like having a castle with no gates to protect its entrance. We definitely want to have filters on our fans in order to slow the rate of dust build up. It keeps our components cleaner for longer, and in turn keeps our entire computer healthier in the long run.


Why Not Just Make Your Own Filter

A legitimate question. If filters are necessary but you have a case that doesn’t have them, why not just make your own? Well, the short answer is, you can. The long answer is, time is money. If you make your own filter, you will likely either be gluing or taping them over your fans (in such a way that it doesn’t disrupt the movement of the fan blades!). You will also have to buy the material for the mesh and then cut it to fit the dimensions of each of your fans.

All of that is doable, but once you’re done, eventually you will have to remove them for cleaning. You might save a few dollars making your own filters, but do you really want to spend all that time re gluing or re taping all your mesh cut-outs each time you need to maintenance your system?

In the end, it’s far simpler to buy a case with filters, or at the very least, invest in magnetic filter that can easily be attached to your case and save you loads of time. Saving yourself time is definitelyCustom Dust Filter worth a few extra dollars investment!


Cleaning The Filters

Cleaning a filter is just as much a necessity as having one in the first place. However, the ease of cleaning them all depends on the design of your case. An older case might have a dust filter, but removing it can be a hassle, as at the time, filters were a newer idea and user-friendly design wasn’t at the forefront of thought when making the cases. Generally these older machines require you to bend certain plastic brackets that hold the filter in place in order to slip it out. Scary stuff, considering you can break the plastic and cause all sorts of problems for yourself.

Newer cases focus much more on ease of access to filters. Many designs allow you to simply remove the entire bracket with very little effort, or unlock the bracket to slide the filter out. No more bending and prying, and no more fear of breaking plastic each time you go to clean.

Cleaning a filter is quite easy once you have it out of your case. A simple cleaning wipe will do the trick. Alternatively you can use a can of compressed air, which is always handy to have around for cleaning your case on the inside and out anyway. Once the filter is clear of dust, all you have to do is put it back into place and close up your case if needed. All done!


Are Dust Filters The Best Solution

There are some people who believe dust filters aren’t needed. After all, if they don’t block all the dust, what’s the point of having them? That sort of thinking is pretty spartan and backwards, in my opinion. Dust filters are designed to help maintain a state of health and cleanliness for your case and system for much longer, not to eliminate the problem entirely.

If you were to believe a dust filter isn’t necessary for your computer, then ask yourself these questions. Do you think a filter for the air conditioner for your home isn’t needed? Would you be okay with your car not having a filter? These filters function very similarly to a dust filter on a PC. They don’t block everything, but they certainly keep the air going through them a lot cleaner for a longer period of time. We should always keep these things in mind when we think about dust filters in computer cases and what their actual purpose is.

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